SQL Slow Query Monitor

$ mysqldumpslow


Count: 1  Time=14.14s (14s)  Lock=0.00s (0s)  Rows_sent=6.0 (6), Rows_examined=102406.0 (102406), vse2_reklamu_ru[vse2_reklamu_ru]@[]
  SELECT DISTINCT(f.id) id, RAND() AS rand FROM tbl_form f  INNER JOIN tbl_location_form lf ON f.id = lf.form_id
  INNER JOIN tbl_point p ON p.location_id = lf.location_id
  INNER JOIN tbl_category_mark_model_form mmf ON f.id = mmf.form_id AND mmf.mark_id = N AND mmf.model_id = N WHERE  f.type = 'S' AND f.status IN ("S", "S") AND MBRContains(GeomFromText('S'), p.location ) GROUP BY f.id